"The first time I heard Maxi Larrea play guitar, I knew he would be the right teacher for me. I could tell from the first lesson I had with him that his training was impressive and that he could transmit it clearly and concisely to me. Although we focused mostly on the folkloric styles and rhythms of Argentina, he could easily shift over to other music that I am interested in and he was quite willing to investigate things he was unfamiliar with. He has been enormously helpful to me on matters of technique, helping me get over bad habits of posture, fingerings, strumming and left-hand tension that I continue to work on today. When I’m having trouble with a new song, especially with chord choices, I tell myself to “Maxi-ize it” and I smile. We videotaped our lessons and I often go back and refer to those lessons. Oh, and did I mention that he is an incredible guitar player and composer, which continues to inspire to me to work hard to improve my playing."
Laura Alderdice
“Maximiliano Larrea is my guitar teacher for Latin Rhythm, Argentine Folklore, and Tango arrangements. Maxi has taught me guitar basics for fine motor movement in the guitar. These skills use a guitar for the way it is made to be used, to find and alter voicings, and comfortably. I don't use these skills with variety in many other types of music and rhythm. Because he is a master guitar player, and arranges tunes for guitar. I have no doubt, my guitar sounds much better because of Maxi's excellent teaching style.”
Murphy Songtag
“Maximiliano Larrea, also known as Maxi, has been my guitar teacher for 3 years. I started taking lessons during the Covid-19 time when seemingly everything in the world shifted to zoom. At the time, I was reluctant to take music lessons remotely, but there was no other option then. To my surprise, remote music lessons work out really well, in some ways even much better than in-person lessons. And I certainly wouldn’t be able to find a tango guitar instructor of such high level locally. Maxi is a highly skilled guitarist, he is also a soulful, passionate, experienced and versatile musician with deep understanding and knowledge of anything that relates to music and performance. As an instructor Maxi is knowledgeable, flexible, supportive and professional. I feel very fortunate to have found him. And as a person Maxi is kind, humble, generous and thoughtful. Studying with Maxi, has been - without any exaggeration - one of the most positive and inspiring experiences of my life!”
Olga Novak

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